Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A local issue – San Diego Trolley Follies
(the Mid-Coast Corridor Transit Project)

San Diego transportation planners want to extend the current money-gobbling trolley system by about 11 miles north at a capital cost of about $2 billion, about $200 million per mile – yes, those are the real numbers.  The project would be paid for by a combination of federal funds and dedicated tax revenue, but still leaving a large deficiency in funding to be paid by means yet unknown (perhaps a bond issue??). 

Part of the initial plan, cooked up by San Diego City planners, commercial property owners, and developers was to put high-density, high-rise housing close to trolley stops, in an area that’s mainly single-family residences.  Putting in high-rises housing would have required the San Diego City Council to rescind long-standing height limitation ordinances.

There was a furor, to put it mildly.  For the time being, the height-limitation removal proposal is off the table.  However, there’s a reasonable suspicion that it will go back on the table, perhaps because of California laws related to lowering greenhouse gas emissions, with consequent favoring of public transportation and building high-density residences close to public transportation (e.g., trolley) stations.

I’ve collected a lot of comments and ideas related to this proposal.  The current version (March, 2015) is HERE or

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